Finally, A Healthy Hot Sauce

Good foods can get better. Martina’s Hot Sauce uses the power of fermentation to make your favorite condiment better for you.


Creating the Sauce

We source every ingredient much like we would for a family meal—with care. Every unique ingredient in our sauce is hand-selected to ensure the utmost quality then fermented to bring out their amazing health benefits. Captured in a beautiful bottle, you’ll be proud to keep it on your dinner table.


Why We Love Hot Sauce
and Why You Should Too!


Found in fiery habaneros, capsaicin stimulates insulin in the body, reducing blood pressure and leveling cholesterol.

Vitamins & Minerals

Sweet peppers, bell peppers, and carrots are packed with vitamins—especially C, E, A, and K that are essential for a healthy, functioning body.


Free radicals that we’re exposed to every single day contribute to aging. Antioxidant-rich mandarin, honey, and lime fight off these radicals to keep your body balanced and healthy.


Your gut is filled with both good and bad bacterias. When it becomes unbalanced, probiotics can help restore healthy levels for better digestion.