About Us

Martina’s Hot Sauce Our Story

Chances are, you’re really into hot sauce. So are we. We’ve tried just about every sauce out there only to realize that not all hot sauces are created equal.

Packed with sodium, processed sugars, artificial thickeners, and other scary ingredients, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Combining our passion for fiery flavor and fermentation, we created something better than we ever imagined.

Inside every bottle of Martina’s Hot Sauce, you’ll find more than just a flavorful sauce. Using Lacto Fermentation, a combination of salt and lactic acid bacteria acidifies ingredients to enhance their flavor, increase their nutritional value, and create a truly unique flavor that your tastebuds and body will crave.

Pasteurizing is a thing of the past. By using fermentation, Martina's Hot Sauce delivers a deep, vibrant flavor with a kick of spice and good-for-your-gut probiotics. So, go ahead. Douse your food in Martina’s and reap the amazing, delicious benefits.

About Margie

Hi, I’m Margie, and I love hot sauce.

Growing up, hot sauce was a staple in my home—if you come from a Hispanic family, you know what I’m talking about. Everything from our candy to our fruit had a hint of spice added to it. My addiction to hot sauce became apparent to my family and friends who now refer to me as Spicy Margarita—still to this very day!

What I came to realize is that all the hot sauce that I grew up with is not exactly healthy. A majority of hot sauces that I knew and loved were full of sugar, salt, vinegar, and ingredients I can’t even pronounce.

A healthy hot sauce would not only benefit my obsession but can help people just like me add flavor to their life without guilt. So, I began studying the best ingredients, flavors, processes to create my very own sauce. I came across the benefits of fermentation and ran with it. That same passion goes into every bottle of Martina’s Hot Sauce. Now, I get to share the natural complex flavors of hot peppers with you.