Mexican Corn


Cooking Time

10-15 minutes





Equipment Needed


pastry brush


cutting board



4 ears of corn

1/4 cup cotija or queso fresco cheese, grated

1/4 cup cilantro

1/4 cup rendered bone marrow, warm (optional)

2 tbsp Martina’s Hot Sauce

2 limes, halved

1 tbsp Martina’s Chili Powder



Step 1: If using bone marrow make sure it’s rendered and warm. Heat up grill to medium heat, place whole ears of corn on the grill, rotate them every 3-4 minutes. It’s alright if leaves burn a bit. They should steam in about 10 minutes while rotating them. Once steamed clean the corn, set aside and keep warm.

Step 2: Using a brush, garnish the corn with the rendered bone marrow, followed by lime juice, Martina’s Hot Sauce, Martina’s Chili Powder, cotija cheese and fresh cilantro! Have fun adding any other additional toppings you’d like!


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